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Agaricus macrosporus

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Phylum: Basidiomycota Class: Basidiomycetes

Order: Agaricales Family: Agaricaceae

Species: Agaricus urinascens (Moller & Schaeff.) Sing.

Synonyms: Agaricus macrosporus

Psalliota arvensis subsp. macrospora

Psalliota macrospora

Psalliota villatica

Common Name: Macro Mushroom

Agaricus macrosporus



synonyms: Agaric à grande spores, Grosssporiger Egerling

Agaricus macrosporus Mushroom

location: Europe

edibility: Edible

fungus colour: White to cream

normal size: over 15cm

cap type: Convex to shield shaped

stem type: Ring on stem

flesh: Mushroom has distinct or odd smell (non mushroomy)

spore colour: Purplish to black

habitat: Grows on the ground


Agaricus macrosporus (Møller & Schaeff.) Pilát syn. Psalliota subsp. macrospora Møller & Schaeff. Grosssporiger Egerling Agaric à grande spores Cap 8–25(50)cm across, convex, whitish splitting into large ochraceous scales or patches and the margin becoming toothed with age. Stem 50–100 x 25–35mm, frequently with a fusiform rooting base, whitish cream covered in easily removable floccules; ring thick and scaly on the underside. Flesh firm and whitish, sometimes reddening in the stem on cutting. Taste mushroomy, smell faint of crushed almonds when young, rapidly smelling more ammoniacal. Gills whitish-grey at first, finally dark brown. Cheilocystidia numerous, ovate, 8–31 x 6–16µ. Spore print brown. Spores ellipsoid, 8–12 x 5.5–6.5µ. Habitat in rings in pastureland. Season summer to autumn. Occasional. Edible – good. Found In Europe.

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