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Faerberia carbonaria

Fairy Inkcap

Fairy Ring Champignon

False Chanterelle

False Deathcap

False Deathcap

False Morel

False Saffron Milkcap

False Truffle

Fayodia gracilipes

Feather Stalkball

Felt Saddle

Felted Pinkgill

Felted Twiglet

Fenugreek Milkcap

Fibrous Waxcap

Field Bird's Nest

Field Blewit

Field Mushroom

Fiery Milkcap

Fimaria cervaria

Firerug Inkcap

Firesite Funnel

Fistulina hepatica

Flagelloscypha citrispora

Flagelloscypha minutissima

Flagellospora curvula

Flaming Scalycap

Flammulaster carpophiloides

Flammulaster carpophilus

Flammulaster granulosa

Flammulina velutipespuidu-sametkõrges

Flat Oysterling

Flavoparmelia caperata

Fleecy Fibrecap

Fleecy Milkcap

Flowery Blewit

Fluted Bird's Nest

Fly Agaric

Fomes fomentariustuletael

Fomitopsis pinicolakännupess

Fomitopsis rosea

Fool's Conecap

Fool's Funnel

Fragile Brittlegill

Fragrant Funnel

Freckled Dapperling

Frosty Bonnet

Frosty Fibrecap

Frosty Funnel

Frosty Webcap

Fruity Brittlegill

Fruity Fibrecap

Fuligo muscorum

Fuligo septicapuugipask

Fuligo septica var. flava

Funeral Bell

Fusarium coeruleum

Fusarium culmorum

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