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hallikas murumuna

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seente abcL

hallikas murumuna või vaata siit(Lycoperdon pedicellatum)

Siit saad ingliskeelset infi.

Lycoperdon pedicellatum


synonyms: Gestielter Stäubling



location: North America, Europe

edibility: Edible

fungus colour: White to cream, Grey to beige

normal size: Less than 5cm

cap type: Other

stem type: Lateral, rudimentary or absent

flesh: Flesh granular or brittle

spore colour: Light to dark brown

habitat: Grows in woods, Grows on the ground


Lycoperdon pedicellatum Peck. Gestielter Stäubling. Fruit body 2–5cm across, 3–6cm high, subglobose head on a short stem, outer layer of spines 1–2mm long, single or converging at the tips, gradually wearing off to leave a net-like pattern on the pale brown papery inner wall which opens by a torn pore. Gleba finally cinnamon to olive-brown; sterile base well-developed, occupying the entire stem. Spores brown, broadly ovate to subglobose with a long stalk, minutely warted, 3.5–4.5 x 4–5um. Habitat in rich soil in woods. Season late summer to autumn. Very rare – only two British collections to date. Edible when the flesh is pure white. Distribution, America and very rare in Europe.

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