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pruunjas narmik

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seente abcH

pruunjas narmik (Hydnum rufescens)-ingliskeelne jutt...

Ilusad pildid

Hydnum rufescens


synonyms: Hydne roussisant, Rötlicher Stoppelpilz, Terracotta Hedgehog



location: Europe

edibility: Choice

fungus colour: Orange

normal size: 5-15cm

cap type: Convex to shield shaped

flesh: Flesh granular or brittle

spore colour: White, cream or yellowish

habitat: Grows in woods, Grows on the ground


Hydnum rufescens Fr. syn. H. repandum var. rufescens (Fr.) Barla Rötlicher Stoppelpilz, Hydne roussisant, Terracotta Hedgehog. Differs from H. repandum in the orange-brown colour of the cap, the smaller and less robust form, the non-decurrent spines and slightly larger spores, 8–10´6–7m. Habitat deciduous and coniferous woods. Season autumn. Occasional. Edible. Found In Europe.

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