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tavariisikas (Lactarius trivialis) veel üks


Lactarius trivialis



is one of the most usual and widespread over all Russia mushrooms. It fruts from the end of a summer untill autumn (August–September) in the damp deciduous and mixed forests, and on edges of bogs. It forms mycorrhiza with various trees.


Cap up to 20 cm broad, at first convex, then funnel-like or flat, with wavy edge, smooth, mucous, various coloured: grey, dirty-yellow, red-yellow, violet.


Gills are thin, yellowish, cream, sometimes with rusty spots.


Stipe cylindrical, up to 10 cm tall and 4 cm thick, hollow, mucous, smooth, grayish or yellowish.


Flesh whitish, soft, with acrid white latex, which turns yellow on air; smell is pleasant.


This is very tasty mushroom, when salty, but as all Lactariuses this fungus should be soaked or boiled.


It is posible to confuse Lactarius trivialis with more small Lactarius vietus or Lactarius violascens, but their latex turns grey or violet on air, respectively. The possible mistake is not fatal — both these Lactariuses are edible too, though, to my mind, they are not so tasty, as Lactarius trivialis.**


Riisikad kase all

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